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Reclaim Today: Tumamelt and Telepresence

024: Tunamelts and Telepresence On Thursday Tim and I recorded yet another Reclaim Today episode, and I have to say this may be my favorite to date. Not only because we are beginning to see some of the fun possibilities … Continue reading

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A Couple of Unlikely Pinball Wizards

Yesterday evening I spent an hour remoting into Reclaim Arcade via Robot (we can officially call the space Reclaim Arcade now that CoWork is officially history) to watch Tim and John Heyn (of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame!) deliver and … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade’s Friday Fun

Each Friday we will be featuring a game from our collection with some interesting facts. Today we kick it off with Missile Command! Developed in 1980 by Atari this game features trackball play while firing missiles from 3 different base … Continue reading

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Nunley’s Nostalgia

I want to try and start archiving some of my Instagram posts because like most other social media platforms that are not the bava, I just don’t trust it to stay around—or at least for me to care about it … Continue reading

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Make Trax

We are adding a seventh early 80s video game cabinet to the ever-growing Reclaim Arcade. The games is a bit niche, I first knew it as Crush Roller (which is odd given that was its name in Japan), but it … Continue reading

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