Reclaim Today: Arcade Grand Opening

027: Arcade Grand Opening

Tim and I sat down on Saturday to talk about the grand opening of Reclaim Arcade. You can see the joy and excitement on our faces, which is my favorite part of the video. I have a lot more to write about the last two weeks working on the arcade, but given I am currently in Paris waiting for a connecting flight to Milan I’ll save the details for a longer post, but this video talks about our first impressions and underlines the fact that people are coming out to enjoy Reclaim Arcade and that’s why we did it, so it feels pretty good.

Reclaim Arcade was also featured on a local Fredericksburg vlog Freehling Finds, and Bill Freehling did a wonderful job highlighting the space. What is cool about Reclaim Arcade is that in many ways it is hyper-local and almost exclusively place-based, which is the opposite of Reclaim Hosting.

And it helps that Tim has been masterful at promoting the arcade on Facebook, Instagram, and in interviews like this one. It’s interesting because this venture has little cross-over with our Reclaim Hosting community, so in many ways we were starting from scratch in terms of generating buzz. I also dig that I have a cameo in the Freehling Finds video playing Elevator Action, which has been restored to its former glory once we got the board fixed.

The last two weeks has been a complete blast, and in many ways exceeded our expectations. It will be a lot of fun to see what comes next, but for the present I think we can rest assured that Reclaim Arcade is a hap-hap-happening!

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