Something to Tide You Over

A great zombie short from my favorite episode of George Romero’s brilliant Creepshow (1982), a grossly underrated film. Leslie Nielsen is genius in this one, and his whole AV fascination and the high-tech, camera controlled house was always one of my favorite elements of this short—but I have to say the whole “I CAN HOLD MY BREATH FOR A LOOOOONG TIME!!!!” shtick at the end is still my favorite—along with Ted Danson’s timeless line “That may work on TV, mister, but I can bench press about 300 lbs, you better get your foot out of the door or you’re gonna lose about half of it.”

And while I may very well be wrong, this is the first zombie film I can think of that features quantum zombies—is there an earlier example?

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3 Responses to Something to Tide You Over

  1. James says:

    Loved Creepshow. The Adrienne Barbeau/Hal Holbrook short was great, too, with him constantly imagining her grisly death and then snapping back to reality.

  2. Reverend says:


    I totally agree, that episode and Capricorn One made me a Hal Holbrook fan for life, which is why I was so annoyed when Sean Penn kinda paraded him out during his trite film Into the Wild, and the made him climb a fuckin’ mountain—what the hell was that? Anyway, I’m off topic, Creepshow is an awesome film, all the episodes are solid—and Father’s Day is worth it just to see a young Ed Harris dancing like perfumed Okie.

  3. Ed Webb says:

    Heh – Capricorn One rocked pretty hard. And I just saw that O.J. Simpson was in it (saw it too long ago and too far away to have a clue who he was back then). The world is absurd.

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