Spamming all Edublogs

Update: James Farmer has commented below noting that this marketing email was actually spam masquerading as Edublogs, so it looks like my direct marketing theory is off. Sorry if I misrepresented you here, James, my bad.

Looks like the latest venture by Edublogs is to spam the email boxes of its users, I guess content ad links and banners within posts just isn’t making them enough money anymore. Now the Edublogs crew has decided to send out straight up direct marketing spam emails to all its users pushing new services that are framing themselves as the new Facebook for the next generation.

In short, this is the logic of creating a free service for the educational community and doing everything you can to squeeze a buck out of them after the fact. I guess the logic is to take money from a service like the one advertised in the email (see the name below, no link love or Google indexing for this spammer here) in order to help them push their product like crack. Edublogs agrees to this because obviously hundreds of people have been interested, and they just happened to have a stock of emails amassed from educators and students at edublogs. How’s this for a business model? Seems like everything on the internet ultimately leads back to spamming to make a buck. Maybe Edublogs should be renamed Eduspams!

Straight up Eduspam

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5 Responses to Spamming all Edublogs

  1. James Farmer says:

    That email wasn’t from us, it’s spam masquerading as us.

    Would be great if you could check next time, and if you could remove or alter this post.

  2. Reverend says:


    You’re right, I should have checked first, I have updated the post, but have no problem deleting it if you prefer.

  3. James Farmer says:

    That’s ok, you can keep it up, people will only get suspicious if it goes down.

  4. Mikhail says:

    I’m suspicious. Very suspicious.

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