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Upton Sinclair would have Laughed

I follow the Bitninja blog because we use this service as an external firewall at Reclaim Hosting, and they are pretty awesome. We run it on all of our shared hosting servers, and many of our bigger schools, and it … Continue reading

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Server Admin Tips: SQL Command for Mass Deletion of Moderated Comments in WordPress

Tim Owens and I hung out in a coffee shop for a couple of hours before our afternoon visit with the folks at Georgetown’s CNDLS about UMW Domains (more on that in my next post). We were doing some maintenance … Continue reading

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Cookies for Comments: another Spam Solution for UMW Blogs

Given I still haven’t got the error for TypePad AntiSpam fixed on UMW Blogs, but after a recommendation from the WordPress forum legend @andre_r I installed the spam fighting plugin Cookies for Comments, and so far I am blown away … Continue reading

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Spamming all Edublogs

Update: James Farmer has commented below noting that this marketing email was actually spam masquerading as Edublogs, so it looks like my direct marketing theory is off. Sorry if I misrepresented you here, James, my bad. Looks like the latest … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs loves Akismet

After reading this post by D’Arcy about how easy and free it is to get Akismet up and running for WordPress Multi-User, I finally decided to take the plunge and replace the developmentally languishing Spam Karma 2 with Akismet–I’ll miss … Continue reading

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Anonymous Security Specialist

I woke up to this email from a self-proclaimed Anonymous Security Specialist. From: Anonymous Security Specialist Friday – April 4, 2008 10:36 PM To: Blogger admin Subject: Your blog’s version is old and has been hacked. Update ASAP! Attachments: Mime.822 … Continue reading

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Akismet…Ouch! for WPMu

Patrick just informed me the great Spam Karma 2 plugin is no longer being maintained by the developer (something I should have know, but may have purposefully blocked), and a quick search for the developer’s blog (Unknown Genius) may very … Continue reading

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Blogging Without a Spam Net

Shannon’s comment on my last post got moderated as spam (appropriately enough 🙂 ), and I mistakenly filed it as spam. All of which led me back to the Spam Karma admin tab to retrieve her magical comment. When I … Continue reading

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