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Sharing the Domains Documentation Love

I wanted to make sure Adam Croom gets the appropriate love for helping several schools get up and running with Domains documentation over the last several months. More than a few folks have inquired if we had any recommendations for solid documentation, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Records

The idea of Reclaim Hosting as a kind of independent record label for ed-tech is an idea I’ve been playing with since a talk at Davidson College more than a year ago. This past fall Adam Croom and I explored … Continue reading

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A Domain of the Practical

Adam Croom offered up a hypothesis in response to my post about the “Long Short History of Reclaim.” He argues that as much as Domains at the University of Oklahoma is deeply embedded in a philosophy of empowerment, ownership, and experimentation, it’s also … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Reclaim Hosting

In episode 106 of Digital Campus (a.k.a dc106-coincidence? I think not) the director of the Roy Rosensweig Center for History and New Media, Stephen Robertson, gives a shout out to Reclaim Hosting suggesting how “absurdly easy” it is for students … Continue reading

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