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Utopian Tendencies Episode 5: the Utopian Rhetoric of Web 2.0

https://bavatuesdays.com/wp-content/audio/utopian_tendencies_5_utopian_rhetoric_web2.mp3 Trying to catch up on the Utopian Tendencies radio show Lauren Heywood and I have been producing the last couple of months. This recording is from the June 26th, 2020 live stream on ds106radio. This was the first time … Continue reading

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Directories for Domains: a Community Approach

Many of us in a certain subgenre of edtech have been working for a long time to try and use RSS to syndicate and aggregate posts from individual blogs into community sites. These sites are sometimes referred to as planet … Continue reading

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And that, my friends, is the Personal API

A couple of days ago the Programmable Web wrote an article about the work BYU is doing to give students more control over their data. The idea undergirding this is the concept of a personal API, what exactly that means remains … Continue reading

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Domains as Ground Zero for the Struggle over Agency

I was really pleased with Marguerite McNeal‘s article in edSurge on Brigham Young University’s Personal API experiment. It can be hard to explain (at least for me), but she does an excellent job providing an accessible frame for the project by … Continue reading

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A Domain of the Practical

Adam Croom offered up a hypothesis in response to my post about the “Long Short History of Reclaim.” He argues that as much as Domains at the University of Oklahoma is deeply embedded in a philosophy of empowerment, ownership, and experimentation, it’s also … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the bava

Been away, but now I’m back. I’m finally starting to feel the transition away from UMW to Reclaim take hold. I’ve been traveling pretty non-stop since the beginning of June, and the last week back in Fredericksburg has been equal … Continue reading

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Ordering a Pizza in 2015

In 2004 the ACLU framed a biting critique of the uncontrolled collection of personal data on the web by imagining what ordering a pizza in 2015 might look like. It had a bit of a revival last year, and it … Continue reading

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Block chain: “the only workable, distributed key value store in existence”

The subtitle of this post is a direct quote from Phil Windley‘s Block chain session at the University API conference. Phil wrote a short post a couple of months ago about why block chain is important, and I had the … Continue reading

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A University API

As I mentioned in my last post, the Chief Information Architect (Phil Windley) and CIO (Kelly Flannagan) of Brigham Young University visited UMW last week to learn more about the Domain of One’s Own project we’ve been running for the last … Continue reading

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Reclaim and the Translation of EdTech

Jim Groom on Reclaim and the translation of edtech from UCalgary Taylor Institute on Vimeo. D’Arcy Norman posted this one video that parts of a larger documentary project he started while at UMW for the Reclaim Your Domain Hackathon. I don’t get to see … Continue reading

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