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Ten Years Online @ The Washington Post

This article looks back at the Washington Post’s ten year relationship to the online publishing world, arguing that not until quite recently has the MSM started imagining the full potential of online publishing -with a little help from the blogosphere … Continue reading

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WSJ on Craigslist Refusal to Advertise

Interesting article in WSJ about Craigslist turning its nose up at half a billion dollars in advertising revenue. Craigslist’s obstinate insistence on giving away what newspapers have made their bread and butter has gotten the company a lot of media … Continue reading

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Second Life Ecosystem

Zach just pointed me to a recent boingboing article about a game programmer who took time off to be with her child and, as a diversion, create an ecosystem in Second Life!

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Universities not ready for open source?

Insidehighered.com quotes a recent study (conducted by the Alliance for Higher Education Competitiveness) that finds Universities are not ready for open source! Interesting read for thinking about precisely why this might be the case …

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Laptop University

The following article on Slashdot is from an IT person (I assume) at an Art College who is asking for advice about dealing with his colleges pending move to an entirely laptop campus … interesting concept!

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The MoAD’s Virtual Museums

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco has one of the most elegant and important exhibits I have yet to see online. The “Photographs from the African Diaspora” virtual exhibit is truly visionary, be sure to take … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick Robot Missing!!!

Philip K. Dick Robot Missing!!! Boing Boing reports here. Isn’t this image really creepy.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online

The D&D online game is now accepting pre-orders. And if you do pre-order the game you get the added value of becoming a beta-tester. Wow, there goes all my new-found hopes for the dissertation …

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I found this site through Bryan Alexander’s cornucopia of great things at Infocult -who in turn credits it to Brian Lamb. And, wow, what a resource it is!!! I downloaded 10 Samuel Beckett mp3s last night – “cats in NY … Continue reading

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Derecki for President!!!

Look at our own pushy New Yorker working the angles already! I thought Cathy was the new President for a second … read the whole story on Fredericksburg.com.

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