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Gyruss Multigame Mod-Kit with Time Pilot and Pooyan

Trying to play a bit of catch-up on my bavacade given I have made some significant strides towards getting fully operational. One of the recent highlights was finally getting the Gyruss multigame mod-kit installed so that it can also allow … Continue reading

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LED Marquee Lights in Condor and Robotron

Below is a quick video showing off the LED strip setup for lighting my Condor marquee. Most of the tube marquees I have work, but for those that do not I am installing a simple LED solution because it will … Continue reading

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Pleiades or Pleiads?

This week (Wednesday) I went to pick up a mint Pleiades stand-up cabinet for the bavacade. Seeing it next to its older cousin Phoenix is really something special: It’s something to see these two side-by-side in the bavacade pic.twitter.com/b8RtqZrlgg — … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 4-3-2022

I think it is fair to call this episode the bava-bi-weekly, but I knew that would be the case given I was back in the US to close up the Reclaim Hosting offices and sort through the remnants of our … Continue reading

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Asterock and Explorer Back in bavacade Action

I’ve been struggling a bit on the arcade repair front for a while now. The Sidam Explorer  (Italian Scramble bootleg) pictured above has not worked right since I got it over the Summer, and the Asterock (Italian Asteroids bootleg) went … Continue reading

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Robotron, Bagman, and Condor Join the bavacade

The bavaweekly was delayed a bit last week because I was busy adding a few more games to the home arcade, the post title says it all! I’ve been pretty restrained the last few months, but that couldn’t last. I’ve … Continue reading

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bavacade: New Chassis for Stargate and Phoenix

I seem to be procrastinating the Gyruss multi-game high score save kit project given all the soldering required, but that is proving productive in other ways. For example, yesterday I decided to swap out monitor chassis* for both Stargate and … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 12-14-2021

I decided to move these weekly updates to Tuesday so I’m not feeling compelled to write on Sunday, so that’s my first tweak of this weekly experiment. Also, kinda fitting to move to Tuesdays given the site is titled bavatuesdays. … Continue reading

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Phoenix High Score Save Kit and then some…Redemption!

A replacement CPU for the one I cracked on the Phoenix game board arrived on Monday. I was thrilled to take another “crack” at getting the high score save kit  working on Phoenix so I could have both free play … Continue reading

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The Phoenix High Score Save Kit Versus the NEC 8085 Chip

“Sometime you eat the b’ar, and wal (well), sometimes he eats you.” –The Stranger in The Big Lebowski It was that kind of weekend. I was finally decompressing from travel and birthdays and trying to get back into a rhythm. … Continue reading

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