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Galaxian gets T-Molding, Wheels and a Good Clean-up

I have a couple of video games that are undergoing full cabinet restoration work, namely Moon Patrol and Venture, and they should be finished up before Christmas. But being the paragon of efficiency that I am,  I squeezed in a … Continue reading

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bavacade To-Do List, Part 2

I was pleasantly surprised to realize I’ve worked my way through all of bavacade To-Do List, Part 1, so I guess it’s time to start on Part 2. In fact, I’ve already knocked a few items off this list over … Continue reading

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bavacade Repair Log 10-9-2022

The repairs continue at the bavacade, and this week they came in fits and starts given it was a busy one at Reclaim Hosting. That said, I definitely made a bit of progress and continue to fine-tune the collection, even … Continue reading

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