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Pleiades or Pleiads?

This week (Wednesday) I went to pick up a mint Pleiades stand-up cabinet for the bavacade. Seeing it next to its older cousin Phoenix is really something special: It’s something to see these two side-by-side in the bavacade pic.twitter.com/b8RtqZrlgg — … Continue reading

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bavacade: New Chassis for Stargate and Phoenix

I seem to be procrastinating the Gyruss multi-game high score save kit project given all the soldering required, but that is proving productive in other ways. For example, yesterday I decided to swap out monitor chassis* for both Stargate and … Continue reading

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Phoenix High Score Save Kit and then some…Redemption!

A replacement CPU for the one I cracked on the Phoenix game board arrived on Monday. I was thrilled to take another “crack” at getting the high score save kit  working on Phoenix so I could have both free play … Continue reading

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The Phoenix High Score Save Kit Versus the NEC 8085 Chip

“Sometime you eat the b’ar, and wal (well), sometimes he eats you.” –The Stranger in The Big Lebowski It was that kind of weekend. I was finally decompressing from travel and birthdays and trying to get back into a rhythm. … Continue reading

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Phoenix Bug or Easter Egg?

Last night I had a moment, and it was awesome! 227,455 – turns out the Phoenix Easter egg wherein you shoot four or five ascending birds to get 200k points + a free guy is true! #yeah! pic.twitter.com/IKwOSrqcTH — Jim … Continue reading

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A Couple of High Scores for Gyruss and Phoenix

I’ve been trying to deal with ongoing separation anxiety from the magic that is Reclaim Arcade by building a mini-replica here in my basement in Trento. I currently have 10 machines, and hopefully by late Fall it will be twice … Continue reading

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