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Animated GIF Workshop for Chinese Cinema

Andy Rush and I did an animated GIF workshop for professor Sue Fernsebner‘s Chinese History through Film course last Wednesday, and I think we both agreed walking out of the session that it might have been the most fun we’ve … Continue reading

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Red Sorghum: the Sedan of Ecstatic Liberation

The celebrated tossing-the-bridal-sedan sequence could superficially be taken as a scene of vulnerable woman at the mercy of lusty men. Yet the womb-like interior of the sedan, the condition of the Freudian ‘oceanic self’ where she floats as an effect … Continue reading

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The most transgressive moment in Chinese cinema?

Inspired by Brian Lamb’s recent animated GIF of Frankenstein paired with a quote on abjection from Julia Kristeva’s Powers of Horror, I decided to experiment with a multi-shot GIF breakdown of a scene from Zhang Yimou’s Red Sorghum (1987) which … Continue reading

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