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BitTorrent: An Educational Autopsy of the Hydra

The Disclaimer comes first 😉 The following post is a ton of stuff I have collected over the last year or two on BitTorrent and its implications for educational institutions. This will all be fodder for an article in the … Continue reading

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Torrent Parties

The blog Torrent Freak is a relatively recent favorite of mine. I have read it sporadically for a while, but it seems like things have been heating up as of late in bitTorrent land as the MPAA and other interest … Continue reading

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Have anti-piracy ads gone too far?

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“Just Say No!” A few more reasons for universities to foster independent mediated voices

I have been following some recent threads about the RIAA’s attempts to bully campuses into forcing students to comply with copyright laws. On boingboing, this article summarizes the University of Nebraska’s frustration with the RIAA’s demands to rat out students … Continue reading

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