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Mapping a domain within a mapped domain

So, I was wondering whether or not it would be possible to actually map a domain within a mapped domain on UMW Blogs, and I finally got my answer at the Faculty Academy workshop I ran on domain mapping. What … Continue reading

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Textbook Torrent searches on the rise

According to a recent study (involving the WordPress Stats plugin for bavatuesdays), students searching for textbook torrents has seen a dramatic rise as of late. In little over 24 hours Google searches for the term “Textbook Torrents” on the bava … Continue reading

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The RIAA Hates Education! (Which means they hate you and your whole family)

If you haven’t heard, the RIAA recently accused Joel Tenenbaum, a graduate student at Boston University, of downloading seven copyrighted songs when he was a teenager. Such extortion notices aren’t necessarily novel, but what is unique is that Tenenbaum decided to … Continue reading

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Playing with BuddyPress

For the last 12 hours or so I have been playing pretty heavily with BuddyPress, which is basically a series of powerful plugins developed by Andy Peatling that creates a social networking layer for WordPress Multi-User. I had played with … Continue reading

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A long list of Universities using WPMu

Dave Lester did a fine job of compiling a long list of Universities that are using WPMu in one capacity or another. It’s a great list, and there are at least 40 institutions on there I had no idea about. … Continue reading

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FUD Campus Piracy

photo credit: Invisible Hour With questions looming about our post-modern malaise despite increased connectivity, the hyped hive mind, ever greater access to resources online, we still often find ourselves paralyzed agents in the undertow of information. With such realizations at … Continue reading

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P4P: Universities as techno-corporate thinktanks?

I’m a fan of TorrentFreak, it’s one of those rare blogs that streams interesting news on a very specific subject and openly acknowledges its biases while providing the reader with a ton of information to fend for themselves. In fact, … Continue reading

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BitTorrent: An Educational Autopsy of the Hydra

The Disclaimer comes first 😉 The following post is a ton of stuff I have collected over the last year or two on BitTorrent and its implications for educational institutions. This will all be fodder for an article in the … Continue reading

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WPMu at a campus near you?

WordPress Multi-User as an educational publishing platform…who knew? You, that’s who! The Blogs@Baruch publishing platform, powered by the ever venerable WordPress Multi-User, is ready for official promotion, so given my status as fanboy, consider it promoted. Mikhail Gershovich has worked … Continue reading

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Just Another Virginia college using WPMu

The College of William and Mary is now running WordPress Multi-User for its blogging platform, and these forward thinking mavens are even hosting it externally, very cool! I just wish they would open up the comments on the front page … Continue reading

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