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DSLR Mount for Vinylcam

Have a new overhead camera setup for #vinylcasting on #ds106radio which will allow me to stream easily to #ds106radio and #ds106tv -will be testing that out for a bit. Tine in here https://t.co/2JURcwd59M or here https://t.co/GzpExUBnn6 for the vertical and … Continue reading

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Vinylcast #37: Side 1 of Van Halen II

This is actually half a #vinylcast given I was trying out the new overhead camera setup, which is pretty slick. I already blogged about this setup on bavatuesdays… Continue reading

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Ok, I am about to try cross-casting a #vinylcast of Galaxie 500's Fire on #ds106radio to #ds106tv with a special #vinylcam I made this morning. You should check out both here https://t.co/DQNyRE6sLp and here https://t.co/GzpExUBnn6 #FridayFun pic.twitter.com/TKXudTbGuN — Jim Groom … Continue reading

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