Last Friday I had an idea to cut up a Chiquita banana box and place it over my turntable in order to provide lightweight frame to hold my phone so that I could broadcast a video of the actual record on rotating on Fairly modest and simple project, but it worked and it was a lot of fun. I had achieved the vertical and the horizontal of both and TV for the first time in a while. 

The vinyl I played was Galaxie 500’s On Fire, and I spent more time marveling at the vinylcast and lip-syncing than actually talking about the album, but I’ve been having a lot of fun as of late. In fact, I could argue this blog has been on fire as of late. It’s been a long time coming, writing has come hard the last number of years because the balance of running Reclaim, intense travel, and balancing my personal life took most of my energy. The last few months has been an almost perfect storm of Lauren and Meredith taking over more of the day-to-day at Reclaim Hosting, a lockdown on any travel (which was a welcome thing for me), and a more pervasive return to the things that give us joy in the light of so much uncertainty.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m really loving where my head is at right now. I’ve been having fun conversations on the radio, streaming gameplay with Tommaso on ds106tv, planning another film festival with Paul Bond, a possible recurring radio program with Lauren Heywood. I feel like it’s a return to a time before Reclaim Hosting became 24/7.  Fact is, even on the Reclaim front we’re making major strides towards re-thinking a whole part of that business to make it arguably light-years better and more affordable.

I am feeling like I’m in a zone right now that is peculiar, given my prior history I have to be careful, but I am locked-in both literally and figuratively. I do need a break here soon, but when the blog feels this good it is hard to stop.

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  1. scottlo says:

    Yeah, you should take a nap.

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