DSLR Mount for Vinylcam

This is my new overhead camera setup for vinylcasting, and it rules. My first iteration was a bit more DIY and while it worked in the short term, I needed a more stable alternative. And the Manfrotto super clamp and heavy duty flexible 520MM Arm were the ticket for sure. I can mount the clamp right onto the front of my desk and then the arm easily bends over the record player for optimum vinyl viewing.

I am able to pull in the DSLR thanks to a recent acquisition of a Elgato Cam Link 4k that essentially makes an HDMI device into a USB input that OBS can pickup. I do love being able to actually take advantage of all the features a DSLR brings to the table, such as advanced lighting, focus, lighting, lenses, etc. In particular, I was able to use the wide angle lens in this event to capture the entire record player. I just tested in out with side 1 of Van Halen II, which was an homage to Grant Potter’s RH!

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