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MediaWiki/WordPress User Integration: One step closer to a bling bling bliki!

Update: I tested this extension with WPMU to no avail. Looks like it works only with single WP installs 2.1 or higher with MediaWiki installs that are PHP 4 based (I got it to work with version 1.6.8). Alan Levine … Continue reading

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Spam can be entertaining

bavawiki (a MediaWiki install) gets the occasional spam. Here is one I got recently that made me laugh: Hi Boss, People who do lots of work… make lots of mistakes People who do less work… make less mistakes People who … Continue reading

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Building Rich Communities with Wikis

Stewart Mader and John Willinsky separately discussed how we imagine the wiki in new and powerful ways. Stewart Mader did an excellent job of giving an overview of re-conceptualizing the wiki space as a collaborative, distributed publishing platform, while John … Continue reading

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The wiki has been made a blog… story at 11!

All I am gonna say right now is that John Maxwell, presenter of “designing a smarter wiki” (see his notes in the Northern Voice wiki) has effectively married the wiki and the blog. Amazing stuff, check this out: is it … Continue reading

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