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WPMu: Sitewide Tags, Search, and Archive

Sitewide tags is a feature of UMW Blogs I spent a bit of time working on this past Summer. In fact, one particular workaround allows you to have a sitewide tag cloud as well as sitewide searching of blog posts … Continue reading

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Creating a dynamic frontpage for WPMu

For anyone interested in the dynamic homepage of UMW Blogs, this post may be of some interest… Part of what I started thinking about when working on UMW Blogs this Summer was how to capture some of the activity going … Continue reading

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The Great Awakening at UMW

There has, indeed, been a great awakening on the UMW campus. As of this morning our WordPress Multi-user experiment has over 200 individual blogs, with more than 260 users. I have been away from the bava because I have been … Continue reading

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More than one way to skin a class with WPMu

We have been experimenting at some length with WordPress Multi-User at UMW as of late. Now I have focused almost exclusively on creating course spaces using a series of distributed feeds. In short, students feed out their posts by particular … Continue reading

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ELS Blogs rock!

Even if I must say so myself. Ok, so Gardner Campbell is at it again with ELS Blogs and the results are nothing short of amazing -did you expect any less from him? I try and keep up with the … Continue reading

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divShare plugin for WordPress and WPMu

Recently I have been corresponding with Mario A. Núñez Molina, a professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, who has been also working on integrating a WPMu blogging solution (RUM Edublogs) for the College of Arts and Sciences. … Continue reading

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WPMu Smackdown: RSS, Autoblogs, Aggregators, o-matics, and more…

So, it’s just about time to ckeck-in on the work that has been happening on the WordPress Multi-User front. First and foremost, Gardner Campbell is my Godhead. He is teaching two classes this Summer session and they are already abuzz … Continue reading

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The Motley Management System

Mike Caulfield’s post “Enterprise Learning Systems Considered Harmful to Learning” reminds me of some important questions that still remain unsettled with me. Why am I such a big advocate for a WordPress Mulit-User installation at UMW? I do believe that … Continue reading

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WordPress: power and simplicity

Subtitle: Are we ready to take WordPress as a CMS seriously yet? This is a post that was inspired by both a question on OLDaily as well as a post about Drupal documentation on Half an Hour. I originally threw … Continue reading

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Open, Connected, and Social

D’Arcy Norman has already announced the (MAC) Learning Environments presentation that will take place this Wednesday, April 25, 1:00pm EST (10:00am Pacific, 11:00am Mountain, etc…). D’Arcy, Brian Lamb, and Alan Levine will be re-visiting some of the generative ideas from … Continue reading

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