Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

Thanks to one of the elite ds106 alum, Modern Selkie, I was turned on to this gem.

What’s odd is that this video really does capture my attitude towards Star Wars and teaching it to my children. In fact, my wife and I are unschooling our kids (which basically means not schooling them in any controlled, formal way), and part of that whole process has been to conduct a yearlong indoctrination into the universe of Star Wars. So I am proud to say that this video is my life right now as a father. Enjoy.

And as a final note, Jar Jar Binks’s name is not to be spoken in the house. Thank you Modern Selkie, you made my day.

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One Response to Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

  1. Jenn says:

    that was brilliant… I am laughing so hard now, and I am sure to show my dad this one… He also believes that Han Solo shot first =D

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