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Reclaim Community

It’s been live for a bit now, but I am finally getting around to writing a bit about Reclaim Hosting’s new micro-site that essentially aggregates all the different channels that we use to communicate the work we do more broadly. … Continue reading

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Reclaim Community Helps Scratch an Old Itch

Been on a bit of a blog vacation over the last two weeks. Between traveling, hiking, entertaining and enjoying some mental downtime the bava was dormant. It has been a welcome break.* I still think in terms of blog posts, and … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs To-Do List

Well, we are swinging back into full development mode at DTLT, and UMW Blogs looms large on the agenda. I’ve been playing around with BuddyPress for the last week or so, and I finally got it installed and the integration … Continue reading

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“Open is always outward facing”

Last Wednesday I had a discussion with Philipp Schmidt, Ahrash Bissell, and Dave Humphrey for the second seminar of the Mozilla Open Education course. This discussion was designed to focus on four different case studies, but unfortunately Wayne Macintosh and … Continue reading

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bavacon or: How Blog Branding Ate My Soul

Image credit: “Pittsburgh Comicon” by RL Johnson. Let me be frank here, I love the bava, I do, I love the little fucker. And I pretty much say whatever I want on it, and really could care less about the … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs wants you!

I wrote a post over at UMW Blogs that introduces a new feature allowing anyone at UMW to highlight a post or blog from around the community. I tried this over a year ago, but it was on a blog … Continue reading

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A Calendar Year

About a month ago I discovered a ton of UMW-related Google calendars, and thanks to Tony Hirst’s post here, I realized that Google Calendar actually allows you to aggregate public calendars into one overarching calendar. So, I finally sat down … Continue reading

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30 Seconds on Community (American and Queen’s English verisions)

Cole Camplese posted a call for 30 second video responses defining community. He actually didn’t specify which language he wanted it in (i.e., American English or the Queen’s English), so I covered all bases, for reading text is one thing–but … Continue reading

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Aggregating Google Calendars

One of the biggest complaints on campus right now is that many of us really don’t know what is going on. I don’t mean this in an abstract way, but quite literally what events are happening at what time and … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs: It’s official?!

Well, after almost a year and a half of solid publishing and more than 30,000 posts, UMW Blogs has finally got frontpage link real estate on the UMW Homepage. I guess we’re kind of official, now if we could just … Continue reading

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