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Creative teaching

Gardner may be the most creative teacher I have yet to come across, and his work with social media in the classroom still stands as a model I aspire to. So having the opportunity to talk with him about creative … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs featured in EDUCAUSE’s 7 Things for PLEs

Yesterday I noticed (thanks to tweets from Jeff McClurken and Martha Burtis) that EDUCAUSE’s “7 Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments” features the University of Mary Washington as one of the schools experimenting and fostering PLEs on a … Continue reading

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What is an instructional technologist?

Yesterday I was asked by a good friend and mentor the following question: “What’s next?” And it made me stop and think, I guess since I don’t have a Ph.D. and I’m in “IT” I should be thinking about an … Continue reading

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Discussing a Syndicated Lab Notebook

At this year’s EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional conference UMW Biology professor Steve Gallik and I presented together on his Online Laboratory Manual project. I blogged this project last Fall, and it has exceeded just about every expectation we had set out … Continue reading

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The Changing Role of Instructional Technologists

Almost a month ago to the day Gardner Campbell and I hooked up at the EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference to talk about “Supporting Faculty Adoption of Emerging Technologies.” Gardner got me into the UMW racket and is always an intense … Continue reading

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Pickering Institute (ab)using WPMu; or what’s in a domain?

This is kinda fun, the for-profit online college Pickering Institute is using WordPress Multi-User to spread the good word about consolidating student loans, Vegas deals, and domain parking. Now I have championed WordPress Multi-User for a while now because it … Continue reading

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