The ds106 99: #13 Valley Girl

Taking a page from Guilia Forsythe’s blog, I figured I’d use the ds106 99 to start archiving a number of radio shows I did over the last couple of months. I literally have gigs and gigs of broadcasts in my Nicecast archive, so what better way to eat up a few blog posts than by posting archives of various shows I did here over the course of the semester.

Back in February, the 20th to be exact, I was playing around with yet another radio show on ds106radio, this one dedicated to film soundtracks. I actually have a plan to bring this one back from the dead, but until then I’ll just get the archives up. My first show was about the [[John Hughes]] film [[Some Kind of Wonderful]] (1987), and I’ll try and post that one as well soon. But the show about the [[Valley Girl]] (1983) soundtrack was where I thought the idea was starting to get a groove. And while by no means perfect, I can’t hate the 80s too much, it’s my formative decade. And few soundtracks/films are more representative of this decade than the 1983 classic Valley Girl—and what should’ve been simply a cheesy Hollywood film attempt to cash in on the craze inspired by a misreading of this lampooning of the phenomenon by [[Frank Zappa]] actually turned out to be one of the better pop films of the decade—go figure.

Anyway, here is some vintage ds106radio featuring the Soundtrack of Valley Girl with a pretty fascinating news feature about Frank Zappa’s song that got the whole nationwide craze started, as well as his thoughts on the the whole thing. Good stuff.

Mikhail Gershovich suggested I name my 80s-themed shows Radio Free Ferris, and I think that might have legs. One other thing, I keep saying Valley Girl is 17 years old which is simply a sign I don’t want to come to grips it is almost 30 years old—forgive me.

Radio Free Ferris: The Valley Girl Soundtrack

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