The ds106 99: #14 Some Kind of Wonderful

I figured while it was fresh in my mind from my last post on the Valley Girl soundtrack show for ds106radio that I would upload my earlier soundtrack show—February 19th to be exact—on one of my favorite films of the 80s: Some Kind of Wonderful (1987). After this episode I have one more soundtrack show to upload that I did with Noise Professor, Mikhail Gershovich, and Dr Garcia on Suburbia (1984). The Suburbia show is a total mess, one of my earlier experiments with multiple callers on Skype doing a radio show, which is when I realized just how tough that is to do well.

Image of Some Kind of Wonderful imageI have to admit I have a huge weak spot for just about everything John Hughes made (he actually only wrote this one, Howard Deutch directed it) and Some Kind of Wonderful was my favorite of his teen angst love story films. Pretty in Pink (1986) might seem the obvious choice—especially given it features my all-time favorite actor Harry Dean Stanton—but I loved the Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) and her whole working class, punk rocker persona melted me. I also deeply related to the scenes between Keith (Eric Stoltz) and his dad (John Ashton) about college, the bonds, and general state of aspiring to more according to a pre-formulated logic that makes college the path to some kind of freedom from labor.

Anyway, this was my first soundtrack show, and it isn’t nearly as tight as the Valley Girl show, but it also isn’t as raucous as the Suburbia soundtrack show. Regardless, I like the idea of having this archived on the bava because I talk a bit about my own high school years, relationships, and the like. A little piece of me as refracted through film.

Radio Free Ferris: Some Kind of Wonderful

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