The ds106 99: #61 Wild Bunch Radio Show Pt 1

I having been watching and re-watching The Wild Bunch in order to make animated GIFs, rip audio for , as well as feature some of Jerry Fielding’s awesome soundtrack. I spent a very unstructured hour and a half just blabbing about The Wild Bunch, playing some dialogue I ripped, and a few of Fielding’s tunes. It was very fun.

The Wild Bunch Show



What’s more, Noise Professor’s Photoshop magic continues to amaze me. It was having fun while we were chatting through the show. How awesome is this?

The image by @noiseprofessor was a result of this tweet by @cogdog “Wild Bunch? that was Brady prequel?”

And before that masterpiece, Noise Professor went on a “where is Malpache?” binge:

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2 Responses to The ds106 99: #61 Wild Bunch Radio Show Pt 1

  1. Mikhail says:

    404 on the link. Can’t believe I missed the show.

  2. Reverend says:

    Mikhail, it wasn’t much of a show, I was just playing. And I fixed the link, sorry about that 😉

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