The Great Wall of bava

The Great Wall of bava

I’ve got about 10 posts to write on uwmdomains faculty initiative, ds106zone, the bava film festival starting this Tuesday, and much, much more. But the family from Long Island has descended on Fredericksburg, and I am losing ground every moment 🙂 My kids are loving all the cousin action, and there are many! So, nice to see I can be so many places at once given John Johnston’s “awesome dancing all over the world” GIF—like I said the internet is stupid and fun, and that’s why it is so amazing! Also, dancing over an image with Mao reinforces a lot of the focus I’ve had on animated GIFs and Chinese Culture thanks to Sue Fernsebner’s awesome course. I still have a post in me about howe we are using the media server at to serve films for student to re-watch, hack, and create GIFs from. That is your fair use at work to make readings of our culture. And Alan Levine‘s recent Google Hangout for ds106 was all about reading movies and using animated GIFs for that analysis. I love this stuff, and as usual Alan is all over it having them think critically about film scenes they love through GIFs. Brilliant. So much good stuff it is almost paralyzing. Must work through it, and never think of New Orleans 🙂

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  1. Reverend says:

    I also forgot the innovateOSU post I need to write to document how amazing that place is right now!

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