Working on Reclaim Video’s Storefront

During this trip back to Fredericksburg we wanted to make some progress on the renovations of the Reclaim Video storefront. This included ripping up the carpet and tile floor as well as cleanly up the walls and painting. We also came up with a bitching logo and got the storefront sign—so I think we made great progress.

We also ordered the carpet and that will be installed in March, so what’s left is shelving, a desk, and mounting the TV. We also made some good headway on how we might manage the rentals and membership, but some of that still needs to be fleshed out. We were also able to shop for some tapes and laserdiscs, as well as get a bunch of inventory out of storage, which means we have some stock once the store is up and running.


Found the 1971 portable, black and white Motorola TV, this will be on the Reclaim Video desk for sure.

2018/365/031: Motorola

We are toying with the idea of also renting old school consoles through Reclaim Video, which I think would be kind of fun.

2018/365/035: Atari 2600 at CoWork


It was heaven to reconnect with my Panasonic Omnivision VHS player. A Cadillac of VHS machines.

Omnivision’s Naked Kiss

The floor rip-up was a bit of a chore, but we finally got a floor stripper, and the last of it went quite smoothly.

Reclaim Video Office Progress

Carpet coming up, but VCT offers another layer of fun

This rip-up brought to you by Civic TV

Carpet and Tile Rip-up

Once the floor was done we started patching and painting the walls. We went for black on the back wall, and gray on the sides.

Paint it Black

And the color bar along the back which will also have the logo.

These Colors Run

Reclaim Video Storefront

Loving how the RGB color scheme came out.

2018/365/046: Color Column

We also picked up a mint Pioneer DVL-700 Laserdisc/DVD player, and I tried it out with the 80s teen guerrilla film Red Dawn.

Pioneer DVL-700

Red Dawn Title

2018/365/042: When the Mongols could see each other they had worked themselves up into a pretty good frenzy.


Reclaim Video also got its first donation, the classic early 80s comedy Strange Brew. A perfect choice, and we cannot thank Tim Clarke enough, and we really hope others follow suite.

2018/365/044: Take off!

I also got a chance to watch one of the true gems of our VHS colelction thus far, the 1983 film Nightmares. I’ll blog more about this classic shortly, but in the interim enjoy the resolution!


2018/365/045: Bishop of Battle

Emilio Locks In to the Bishop

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7 Responses to Working on Reclaim Video’s Storefront


    So excited for the grand opening when it happens. I want to be there!!! Maybe have some sort of video install for it?

    • Reverend says:

      Yes, let’s talk about a video. We have some interesting ideas of building on this site So what if we get trailers and clips from 80s VHS movies and have commercials for Reclaim Video interspliced? Now that would be a website 🙂 So yes, let’s talk.

      • Very cool. I think I could build something like that site, and working from an array of Youtube videos (including some reclaim video ads). Definitely would be a fun project to put my new JS skills to work!

        Oh and we need to have animated movie posters from the 80s in a storefront window too. 😉

  2. Pat says:

    Perpetually jealous and ridiculously excited by this – the graphics are near perfect

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