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From “The Bishop of Battle” to Repo Man: the Bus Journey of an 1980s Film Punk

I recently picked up Scream Factory’s 2015 blu-ray release of Nightmares (1983), a low-budget urban legends/horror omnibus in the vein of Creepshow (1982) and Cat’s Eye (1985)—the latter of which my brother loved. I’ve been watching and re-watching “The Bishop … Continue reading

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Nightmares (1983)

Reclaim Video is currently under construction, and if all goes according to plan it should open sometime in Spring. I have promised a few folks a more comprehensive post about what exactly Reclaim Video is, and rest assured that’s in … Continue reading

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Working on Reclaim Video’s Storefront

During this trip back to Fredericksburg we wanted to make some progress on the renovations of the Reclaim Video storefront. This included ripping up the carpet and tile floor as well as cleanly up the walls and painting. We also … Continue reading

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ReclaimVideo Nightmares

#ReclaimVideo is now becoming a real. @ReclaimHosting pic.twitter.com/PJAKSeEvde — Lauren Hanks (@brumface) November 21, 2017 It took a bit of time, but ReclaimVideo has moved out of the possibility stage into the planning stage. We will be working on building … Continue reading

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Bishop of Battle (1983)

I have been thinking about certain movies from the 80s that kind of represent this moment in time, regardless of whether they are good or bad. And while movies are, for the most part, dependent on narrative, they also have … Continue reading

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