WPMu Privacy Options and Sitewide Feeds-a question…

I’m in the process of writing up the syndication hub we got up and running on UMW Blogs, and I think it is as close as we’ve come to the mythical Eduglu. In getting my thoughts together to give a detailed overview of our setup a question has come up that I was wondering if anyone might have an idea or two about.

Image of More Privacy Options plugin interface

Here’s the deal, we are using DSader’s More Privacy Options plugin so that people can have more granular control over who sees their blog posts. One thing I have noticed is that when users choose to keep their blog open, but want to hide it from search engines, their posts no longer aggregate into the tags blog powered by Donncha’s Sitwewide Tags Pages plugin. This is creating a few difficulties when syndicating sitewide tags and categories for everyone on the site.

So, in short, is there a way to have the posts that are not indexed by Google still be re-published in this tags blogs? I figure it isn’t creating an issue in regards to privacy, because the tags blog can’t be searched by Google either, so folks who choose that setting will still have the same level of anonymity. Any ideas for me to test out?

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  1. Scott says:

    Not sure if you looked at this line in sitewide-tags.php :
    * this will not handle a switch from public to private blog and delete posts in tags-blog
    if ( get_blog_status($post_blog_id, “public”) == 0 )

    You could probably comment it out.

  2. Andrea_R says:

    Note in the Google option it also says “and in public listings around the site”. 🙂

    So, out of the box, you can’t have it both ways. in the db, the default option is a 0 and (I think) the next one is either a 1 or a -1. The sitewide tags plugins will be including all blogs that are 0 and/or excluding all blogs that are not 0.

    easiest solution would be to modify that check in the plugin.

    Remember the old sitewide feed plugin? It didn’t have this check, so if a blog was marked as non-public, it still showed in the (arguably very public) sitewide feed.

    maybe there can be a mid-step, like “block robots, but allow sitewide listings).

    • Reverend says:


      Yep, that’s the line, when I comment it out everything comes in, so I guess, building on what you are saying @Andrea_R, if there was a unique number for each of the privacy lvels in More Privacy Options that might work there, in other words, everything but the last two privacy options. Hmmm, I need to think about this cause it is out of my depth as most things are. Thanks for the replies, I’m getting closer.

  3. Scott says:

    ‘-1’ == ‘Site Registered Users Only’
    ‘-2’ == ‘Blog Members Only’
    ‘-3’ == ‘Blog Admins Only’

    so you could try replacing comparison != 0 || 1

    maybe even < 0

  4. Reverend says:


    I tried the !=0 || 1 and it didn;t seem to let bring anything into the tags blog. i then commented out this whole section, and what was weird is the sites that were blocked from Google bots were posted in the tags blog, but those that are entirely open were not posting there. This is very odd, I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there is some kinda trick. I haven’t tried the < 0 because I am not sure of the syntax needed in the PHP. I appreciate the help here, and I figure there has to be some way to hack it out, so I'll keep digging. I can;t for the life figure why when I commented the whole thing out all posts don;t show up int he tags blog...weird.

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