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What was Eduglu

On Friday I got the chance to sit down with a few folks at University of Washington, Bothell who are exploring ways to build community online while working on the open web. Todd Conaway—who is working with this group to … Continue reading

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Directories for Domains: a Community Approach

Many of us in a certain subgenre of edtech have been working for a long time to try and use RSS to syndicate and aggregate posts from individual blogs into community sites. These sites are sometimes referred to as planet … Continue reading

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List Remote Comments

I already blogged about Mark Luetke‘s awesome Motherblogs Made Easy plugin, and I promised there was more. Well, here’s more. Martha Burtis already experimented with Mark’s List Remote Comments plugin on the aggregator blog she is working on for Freshman Seminar she … Continue reading

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Syndication Made Easy for WordPress MultiSite

Nostromo’s boot sequence of “Mother” computer in Alien Tim Owens and I went down to Virginia Commonwealth University’s ALT Lab to catch up with Tom Woodward, Jon Becker, and a recent, most impressive addition Mark Luetke. They have been doing some great … Continue reading

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On Maelstroms and Syndication Buses

I am preparing a talk for Thursday that revisits a journal article Brian Lamb and I wrote in late 2008, early 2009 for the Universities and Knowledge Societies Journal (RUSC) titled “The Education of as Un-Artist…or is that the un-education of the technologist?” It’s … Continue reading

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Shark Bites, Plumbing, and Syndication

I’ve been renovating my bathroom over the last month, and last weekend I finished replacing the shower valve. This is fairly minor work for anyone with some experience, but given I have none it was full blown plumbing for me. … Continue reading

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Pushing the Known Syndication Hub Beyond RSS

Born of the brainstorming conversation Tim Owens and I had on our way to Oklahoma last month, the push-based syndication hub using with Known for Wire106 has come to pass. It’s pretty exciting, and it marks a welcome departure from the hacky hacking that has … Continue reading

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Aggregating Comments into a Distributed Course Hub Recipe

We been thinking a lot about new methods of syndication at DTLT, but I have to admit we won’t be writing off RSS just yet. I do hope that one day we can synch comments between in psots seamlessly between … Continue reading

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Decentering Syndication or, a Push Away from RSS

Yesterday Steve Covello tweeted a post at wpmu.org my way. @jimgroom New WPMU hub/spoke architecture: http://t.co/x0RLL0qBPr — Steve Covello (@apescience) September 17, 2013 I was prepared  to read about a premium suite of plugins that I could buy for the … Continue reading

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Syndicated Personal Portfolios: The Case of Stephen J. Farnsworth

I’ve still yet to write a manifesto about how awesome the Domain of One’s Own faculty initiative was in some many ways, but the problem is there’s far more than a mouthful of awesome. So, I am trying to deal … Continue reading

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