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I was playing with cross-casting between Reclaim Radio and ds106radio yesterday, it was as easy as adding a second broadcaster to my current Audio Hijack setup. I played a string of tunes from 1995.  I am listing them below, and … Continue reading

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Algorythmic Radio: Episode 1 – “1987”

Earlier this week I started a new radio show titled “Algorythmic Radio” on ds106radio. I plan on doing one or two shows a week until I get tired of it. I have no real reason beyond the fact that I … Continue reading

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Goodspell: Gospel Radio for the #ds106 Generation

This past Sunday I was honored to be a guest on the very last episode of Mariana Funes and John Johnston‘s podcast the ds106 Goodspell. They have been talking in detail about 106 bullet points of ds106 that Mariana posted back … Continue reading

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OER16 In Conversation

In an ongoing effort to chronicle all the OER16 goodness, I wanted to point to this 20 minute conversation I had with Ammie Scott and John Johnston for Radio Edutalk. I just re-listened to the audio because it had been almost … Continue reading

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Hardboiled: Strangers on a Train Discussions

Almost two weeks ago we discussed Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith at length. I’ve been to crazy to post the discussions here, so let me fix that now and I will come back and blog about the book … Continue reading

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We Want the Airwaves: ds106 Radio Shows, Pt 1

This past Tuesday night, section 1 of ds106 here at UMW (i.e. my section! 🙂 ) aired three group radio shows on ds106radio. As with the Spring 2011 semester, the shows were amazingly produced given  how little experience the students have … Continue reading

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Summer of Oblivion Radio Shows

July 12th Student Radio Showcase by timmmmyboy Above is an archive of the Live Broadcast of the Summer of Oblivion radio shows that aired yesterday, July 12th, 2011, on ds106radio from 1:30 PM (EDT) until 5:30 PM (EDT). It was … Continue reading

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Dr. O’Blivion speaks through song

Thanks to Shannotate I think we now have more clues about Dr. O’Blivion’s mysterious disappearance and his whereabouts: Doc Oblivion “Speaks!” by Shannon Nicole Swanson The Dickie Goodman’s “Break-In” audio assignment is a blast, thanks Laura Blankenship! Here is another … Continue reading

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ds106 Live Broadcast 6-30-11: Design, Online Collaboration, and an Intro to Digital Audio

Please note: if you ever want to watch the live broadcasts and you have not received the YouTube link, the broadcasts are always available immediately after the session on here: (I will make sure the video titles are correct … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #46 The Thing in 7 minutes

Image credit: D’Arcy Norman’s brilliant Minimalist Travel Poster Back in January Lisa M. Lane came up with an awesome assignment for ds106radio which was basically to turn a movie into good radio. What this entails is taking key parts of … Continue reading

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