Flickr photos now linkback?

Update: D’Arcy informed me that “the flickr link was just crawled by google or technorati – no magic connection.” One can dream I guess 🙂

I just got a notification of an incoming link from a Flickr photo on my blog. I have to believe this is a new feature, am I right? Probably part of the overhaul they have been working on lately. I’ve never seen a pingback from a Flickr photo before, so when this photo (shown below) taken by D’Arcy Norman (which has a link to a post of mine in the description) showed up in the incoming links section of my blog, I was pretty excited.  Think about it, we can now cite and reference blogs from within Flickr with links in descriptions to further connect these loosely joined resources online. Now, I wonder if it works in reverse as well—can you see a linkback from this blog in your Flickr account D’Arcy?  That would be the kicker, wouldn’t it?

The image with the link to a post in the description:

The linkback notification on my blog:

And interesting development to say the least, Flickr just became a whole lot more powerful in my mind.

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