Metaphor’s in the Water, You Go in the Water

Sorry for the oblique Jaws reference in the title, but I really couldn’t resist given I’m talking about Martin Weller‘s podcast about Metaphors in Edtechcaptain Quint himself 🙂 In fact, one of the many joys of OER23 was not only seeing Martin, but that re-connection resulting in an invitation to discuss metaphors of edtech with him.

Martin and I immediately connected over our love of 80s horror films when the edtech blogosphere was still a thing, and I think of him as a kindred blog spirit in so many ways. His crisp, concise writing (that might be where we diverge), his understated wit (again, not a similarity), and his deep love of a good pop culture metaphor (bingo!) all resonate deeply with me. In fact, I think so many of those elements are what make a great teacher, and  reading—and now listening to—Martin’s blog reinforces that connection in spades.

Shining GIF

So, I figured talking with him about metaphors would be a lot of fun, and that proved true. It’s my inclination to ruin the punchline by over explaining the joke, so for the sake of Martin’s podcast stats I’m going to resist the urge to give a play-by-play and simply say if you like good edtech metaphors and have an inkling for 80s horror films, this might be right up your niche alley 🙂

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