Picturing Italy

I think I vaguely remember something about this technology called blogging where you share the inane things of your life. I might have even done it once upon a time….

I’m back, relatively guilt free, from a month long mix of work and personal travel to the U.S. and Bologna, Italy.  I only blogged twice for all of October thus far, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I do have some catching up to do, and that means, at least for me, clearing the dust off the keyboard and just clicking publish. To prime the pump, I did want to share a small moment that made me happy. While traveling I noticed that the Italy Daily Pics Twitter account—a relatively new account that highlights gorgeous places in Italy—tweeted one of the pictures I took in Verona.

It’s a view from one of the Arena’s windows, and I think I took it almost a year ago when visiting the site with Shannon Hauser. It was cool to see one of the innumerable images I have posted of Italy over the last year retweeted by this account. And I was reminded of it this morning by today’s Daily Pic:

One of the things about Italy is there are so many beautiful cities to see that folks often settle on the big three of Rome, Florence, and Venice. All gorgeous, no doubt, but I have enjoyed the lesser known attractions like Verona, Bologna, Ravenna, Trento, and Trieste (and that’s just Northern Italy!) even more this past year. I guess it is a good problem for a country to have, so many riches in terms of natural, architectural, and artistic beauty that it’s hard to go wrong no matter where you end up.

I have said this before, but I will repeat it. Hands down the best part of finally getting a phone has been the camera, which is why the iPhone 7’s new insane camera is so attractive (Timmmmyboy will be making me jealous shortly!). I love taking photos in general, and given my current surrounding it is even more fun. That said, I am not so good about lugging a bulky camera around, so to think the camera in my pocket could almost be DSLR quality is enticing to say the least. Who know, I might even get another image featured on the worldwideweb one day!

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  1. Frances Bell says:

    Thanks for that Jim. I know there were lots of other interesting features in your top pic but what spoke to me was the sunshades. To me they said having coffee and meeting people in the piazza, and that’s what we will be doing with our friends in Arpino this coming week. So thanks for linking memory and anticipation for me – photos are really good at that.

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