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No, that is not the number of posts on the bava, but rather the average number of steps I need for each of the next 44 days to get to the coveted average of 10,000 every damned day in 2017. … Continue reading

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Carless in Trento

One of the things that we were reflecting on this morning was that we’ve been carless for the entirety of our almost two years in Trento. We used Antonella’s mom’s car on and off the first year, as we tried … Continue reading

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A Hike a Day Keeps the Bava Away

All hail the noiseprofessor If you live in Trentino for long enough, eventually you will give in to the hiking culture. I found it is simply a matter of time. There are so many beautiful places to see here, and … Continue reading

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Picturing Italy

I think I vaguely remember something about this technology called blogging where you share the inane things of your life. I might have even done it once upon a time…. I’m back, relatively guilt free, from a month long mix … Continue reading

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Language by Osmosis

Next week marks a year in Italy. It’s crazy how quickly that went. I’m in a unique position that while I live here now 99% of my day-to-day business is still conducted in my mother tongue. I speak English at home … Continue reading

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And you may find yourself in another part of the world

I found myself thinking about the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” quite a lot this last year. It’s been 11 months in Italy and I am feeling only a bit less like a tourist. My Italian comprehension is getting … Continue reading

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8-Bit Realitaly

Yesterday’s Daily Create C64 Yourself was a treat. The idea, run a picture of yourself through the C64 image generator. This was particularly fun for me because I have been on a real life C64 bender. In fact, we recently … Continue reading

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WordPress Italian Style

As Antonella and I were walking into Trento’s train station this afternoon reluctantly preparing to say our goodbyes for the next few days, she pointed out that they sell a WordPress magazine at the news stand. I was like, “What?” And she … Continue reading

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On Approaching the Web

After arriving home from two weeks on the road in the U.K., I found a letter on my desk. When I opened it up I discovered the above photographed Sonnet by Oscar Wilde. He wrote  “Sonnect on Approaching Italy” in … Continue reading

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Three Things

Thing 1: In mid-September of last year I got a new computer in anticipation of my imminent departure from UMW. It was a 13″ Macbook Pro, and my first retina screen—I’m a fan. Two weeks later while visiting BYU I … Continue reading

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