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Brad Kozlek (of EDUSHIZZLE fame)  posted about a little experiment they’re doing with aggregation on PSU Blogs. So when you search for the term “democracy” on PSU Blogs, not only do you get relevant posts from around the blogging platform, but you also get a series of related results from YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and delicious. Wow, how sick is that?! Immediately the work folks are doing within PSU Blogs becomes contextualized within the wider social web. This is the best kind of open, open-by-design, and the work PSU is doing dovetails nicely with the work Patrick is doing with the semantic web on UMW Blogs.

I’m excited Cole will be joining us in Fredericksburg for UMW’s Faculty Academy this May to show off all this cool stuff, and I hope Brad and the rest of the PSU crew come along for the ride. I really think a whole bunch of us from a number of institutions need to have a more focused conference, working group, whatever to figure out some of these details together, because Eduglu is oh sooooooo close.

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  1. Cole says:

    Hey, Jim! Didn’t know I could bring people … if that’s the case I’ll see what I can come up with! The PSU Voices project is meant to bring the best of PSU content and mash it with the social web. The idea that I could be a student in a political science course posting to my own personal blog using a shared tag and have all my classmates stuff appear there with a view into what the World is talking about that is related could be mind blowing. We are *really* excited about it!

    I propose we (you and me) get off our asses and put together an east coast higher ed blogger con that focuses not on a particular platform, but instead on the affordances of an open publishing platform. We’ll host here in State College or we can do it elsewhere — doesn’t matter to me. What do you think? A two day event that could (maybe) eventually rival Northern Voice … that may be shooting too high, but we need to set a bar somewhere.

  2. AJ Wms says:

    Have something along the mid-Eastern seaboard. Then, maybe I can come, too!!

  3. Reverend says:


    What you all have dreamed up here is very cool. And you are absolutely right, platform agnostic, and think about how we tie all these things together. I’m down for a gathering at PSU, I’ll bring my survivalist gear.

    @AJ Wms
    Is central Pennsylvania mid-Eastern seaboard enough, or do we need to do a special Baltimore The Wire themed conference, if so I am coming as either Omar or Sobatka.

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  5. Steven Egan says:

    I don’t care that I’m on the west coast, I WANT IN! Set up a twitter page on a projector with audio and video streams for the event and I’ll do what I can to participate. Who knows, maybe by then we’ll have our idea up and running enough to interactively broadcast the event. That would be awesome.

  6. Ed Webb says:

    If this thing goes down in Central PA, I’m bringing a posse.

    On another note, eat my dust, Norman, commenting victory is mine!

  7. Cole says:

    When shall we have it? Summer is a good time for me … we can make this thing a ton of fun. 2 days of crazy blogger edu ideas and local food/beer in the evenings. Honestly, let’s pin down dates. Perhaps I’ll state a bavawiki page and post it here? You seem to be the center of the edublogger Universe so this is as good as it gets. I heard today that google recently considered renaming itself bavaoogle.

    BTW, damn you Ed Webb for taking the top commenter spot. I keep leaving comments and I never even crack the list! I think the Rev has me blocked. You bring your posse and I’ll match it! Gonna be fun!

  8. Reverend says:

    Cole and Ed,

    I think the bava is getting blown out of proportion, it’s a b-blog man! The Summer works well for me too, the only time I won’t be around is the last week in June and August 12-16 I’ll be at the Open Ed conference in Vancouver, other than that I am open. July is a good time, because we at UMW are usually right in the thick of thinking through the next year’s vision for UMW Blogs.

    So, my vote is for sometime in July.

  9. Ed Webb says:

    Second half of July for me, maybe first week of August. Or else late May/early June.

    And the Bava is not a b-blog, it’s the b-blog.

  10. Brad K says:

    I am so down with higher ed blogger con. Late June is not a good time for me. That’s my only constraint.

    These are definitely exciting times to be in the openness business.

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