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Directories for Domains: a Community Approach

Many of us in a certain subgenre of edtech have been working for a long time to try and use RSS to syndicate and aggregate posts from individual blogs into community sites. These sites are sometimes referred to as planet … Continue reading

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Syndication Made Easy for WordPress MultiSite

Nostromo’s boot sequence of “Mother” computer in Alien Tim Owens and I went down to Virginia Commonwealth University’s ALT Lab to catch up with Tom Woodward, Jon Becker, and a recent, most impressive addition Mark Luetke. They have been doing some great … Continue reading

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A Domain of One’s Own to Community Syndication Hubs

I will be heading up to Boston this weekend thanks to Philipp Schmidt and Claudia Caro Sullivan who are hosting an open learning hackathon at MIT. Below is the proposal I submitted for an idea I would like to pursue conceptually and … Continue reading

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Nothing is lost

Anil Dash has quite an remarkable post titled the “Web We Lost” (thans for the heads up Tim). I really like the bit below because it gets right at the heart of the Domain of One’s Own pilot we are running at … Continue reading

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Designing a Hardboiled Course Site

Designing the Hardboiled lit course site over the last couple of weeks has been fun. I’m modeling it very much on the way I built the early ds106 course sites in the Spring and Fall of 2010. I love TwentyTen … Continue reading

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The State of Aggregation at UMW

I’m usually not a whiteboard image blogger, but we’ve been going through some structural work at UMW with various projects and we are having to map things out more and more.  One of the things we’ve been working on with … Continue reading

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Integrating FeedWordPress with BuddyPress

I am writing a larger post about open architectures and the implications of what appears to be a more general move away from a focus on open as in sharing, collaboratively building, and collectively designing a space for teaching and … Continue reading

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UMW’s Website Poised to become Syndication Hub, and by Extension Relevant

More than a week ago Cathy Derecki and Curtiss Grymala took me through some of the work they have been doing on umw.edu—which has been a multi-network WordPress install for almost a year now. The ideas here build upon this … Continue reading

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YouTube Favorites, and some thoughts about aggregation

It’s been a long while since I played with WordPress plugins on the bava. But tonight I was thinking that if CogDog is right, and just about everything we share through various networks can be thought of as blogging, than … Continue reading

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Wiring the syndication bus together

Philipp Schmidt just posted on a cool new mashup of Google Forms and Yahoo Pipes that creates a kind of self-service aggregation of feeds for Peer-2-Peer University classes, you can see the prototype here. Go ahead, add the URL of … Continue reading

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