Sol LeWitt

Who the hell is Sol LeWitt? Some kinda artist or something? Anyway, Tom Woodward is cutting his teeth on some audio mashup goodness, for what I’m not sure—who is Sol LeWitt?—but I like the sounds of conceptual freedom.

Download Sol Lewitt

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2 Responses to Sol LeWitt

  1. Tom says:

    Thought you’d find that interesting. Didn’t figure you’d post it.

    Basic scenario, we had to make podcasts for some reason on artists at the VA Museum of art. Jim Coe and I got conceptual art- thus Sol LeWitt.

    I was bored with the task and figured I’d assemble some interesting audio (your stuff, Running w the Devil Lyrics, my computer singing the Sol wikipedia article etc.). I then gave instructions to Jim to make it interesting. So our podcast is now also conceptual art.

    My ideas turned him into an art machine. Thought you sounded pretty good. Makes me want to revisit that stuff.

  2. Reverend says:


    Thanks for the context, and you must always remember everything is bavable! You know I can resist any excuse for a post, plus I love the whole thing. it is funny and smart, and I found out far more about Sol LeWitt than I had ever known before—in fact I hadn’t ever heard of him. So thanks Tom and Jim 🙂

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