Summer Summit 2020 KaraOERke Setup Update

I wrote about my KaraOERke setup a couple of days ago, but after some testing with my co-hosts Chahira and Tim I need to make some updates to my original setup. Seems like Zoom wins over Jitsi for video conferencing for a few reasons:

  1. The ability to move the video of the participant where ever you like in Zoom works much better for the OBS stream. Jitsi seems to want to keep whoever is sharing their screen as the featured video, rather than who is talking/singing.
  2. Zoom’s option to share your audio when screen sharing is proving to be crucial for enabling those karaoke-ing to share both their screen and audio. This solves at least two issues: it stops the audio from auto-ducking which is a built-in feature for both Jitsi and Zoom and it prevents the video thumbnail of the singer cutting away to whomever is running the video conferencing room (pinning the video is a crucial feature).
  3. Finally, if the singer shares their video and audio, there is no perceivable lag. It makes the experience better, and given a few of us will be co-hosting we can coach folks through making sure they fullscreen their shared Youtube video while reminding them to share their audio when screen sharing.

So, it does appear that Zoom wins the day. I wanted to use Jitsi, but the ability for users to share both their screen and audio in Zoom is an indispensable feature for karaoke.

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