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Dawn of the Dead: Hare Krishna Zombie Doll

While in the mall the other day (the irony is not lost on me), I discovered this awesome action figure of the Hare Krishna zombie from George Romero’s 1978 class horror film Dawn of the Dead. I couldn’t resist buying … Continue reading

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Adventures in Stormtrooping

I have to say that this series by Greg Easton Photography that visually narrates the adventures of Stormtroopers using the Star Wars action figures is hysterical and pretty amazing. Though my favorite is this one, with the “Nuke Canada” arcade … Continue reading

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Day 24: Raiders of the Lost Ark Action Figures

While talking about the Clash of the Titans action figures, I immediately am reminded of another series of figures based on Raiders of the Lost Ark that were released in 1982 and 1983, but never really took off as the … Continue reading

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