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From this Distant Vantage Point

UMW Fine Art professor Carole Garmon shared some of her student’s work from the Approaches to Video Art course with me yesterday. I was particularly taken with Joshua Luebke’s “You are here.” This project takes a reading by Carl Sagan from … Continue reading

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Orson Welles was a mad tripper

Thanks to Christina’s post for professor Carole Garmon’s Approaches to Video Art course I just saw a short, experimental film by Orson Welles titled The Hearts of Age (1934). I had never even heard of this bit of Bunuel-inspired craziness … Continue reading

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“Run to the Hills” with Hannah

Thanks to endless fount of genius that is Carole Garmon, here’s a video of a 13 year drummer named Hannah, and she rocks out pretty hard. You can see all here videos on YouTube here, but I choose Iron Maiden’s … Continue reading

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Shake It

Carole Garmon pointed me to a beautifully disturbing re-enactment of a performance piece by Allan Kaprow’s “Shake It,” (1972) or at least that’s what I think it’s titled. I didn’t know anything about Kaprow before Carole explained his influential role … Continue reading

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