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ds106zone: Experimenting with Video

Thanks to Michael Branson Smith below are three ideas for experimenting with video. They’re all pretty straight forward, and they give you a specific focus and set of limitations to work through—which can be helpful. If you are looking  to … Continue reading

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Orson Welles was a mad tripper

Thanks to Christina’s post for professor Carole Garmon’s Approaches to Video Art course I just saw a short, experimental film by Orson Welles titled The Hearts of Age (1934). I had never even heard of this bit of Bunuel-inspired craziness … Continue reading

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Magnetic Movie

I will be posting at length about WordCampEd soon (which was a great event), but I want to throw a link to an absolutely amazing video I saw this afternoon at the Hirshhorn Museum called Magnetic Movie, created by Ruth Jarman … Continue reading

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“[Vito] Acconci is to video…

…what [Marcel] Duchamp is to Sculpture” -Carole Garmon I hadn’t heard of Vito Acconci before yesterday afternoon when I read these two posts on professor Carole Garmon’s Video Art class blog which led to a discussion (in person!) shortly afterwards … Continue reading

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The de-evolution of DEVO

I just found an interview with Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo on the Channel 5 news in NYC circa October, 1981. This interview coincides with two shows at Radio City Music Hall and the immense popularity of their … Continue reading

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Salvador Dalì­ on “What’s My Line?”

If you ever had any question just how awesome Salvador Dalì­ was, then this clip from the 1950s game show “What’s My Line?” should quell any lingering doubts. Found on Jack Turner’s Thought Bucket.

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Is it art? Or is it video art?

While I have been focusing recently on the sheer volume of activity on UMW Blogs, that really is a fleeting fascination with the possibility of creating a dynamic network for teaching and learning. Nonetheless, the magic of such a collaboration … Continue reading

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