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What was Eduglu

On Friday I got the chance to sit down with a few folks at University of Washington, Bothell who are exploring ways to build community online while working on the open web. Todd Conaway—who is working with this group to … Continue reading

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Katexic, Emphemera, and the Joy of Snail Mail

Just the other day I hot what might be my last Katexic Newsletter. I hope there are more to come after the hiatus because I dig the format, but I can only imagine the time that goes into each of … Continue reading

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On Approaching the Web

After arriving home from two weeks on the road in the U.K., I found a letter on my desk. When I opened it up I discovered the above photographed Sonnet by Oscar Wilde. He wrote  “Sonnect on Approaching Italy” in … Continue reading

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My Vocabulary Loves Katexic Clippings

About six weeks ago I subscribed to Chris Lott’s daily email newsletter Katexic Clippings. It’s a compact, precise literary gift that contains a work (usually a short poem or excerpt from a longer work), a word of the day, and a number … Continue reading

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