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Digital Ocean’s One-Click Apps vs. Cloudron

Digital Ocean has been en fuego as of late. They announced a whole bunch of new droplet plans, and the price-point for all of them has gone down. This is very good news for Reclaim Hosting because it gives us … Continue reading

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Look a(nother) Ghost

Since May of 2014 I have been playing on and off with the blogging platform Ghost. It has been an on again off again affair, and I have never left WordPress for it, but rather use it as a test … Continue reading

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Ghost in a Shell

I woke up this morning with an excited text from Tim “the wonderful wizard of Reclaim” Owens pointing me to some work he did on our Cloudron test instance. Short version: it is awesome. Now for the slightly longer version. … Continue reading

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Give Up the AWS Ghost

Building on my last post about moving ds106.club off Amazon Web Services (AWS), I moved another EC2 instance I setup back in 2014 to run the blogging platform Ghost. Like ds106.club, I had not been able to access the server … Continue reading

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Terminal Ghost

My exploration of the blogging platform Ghost continues, and this is yet another post in that vein. It might be worth mentioning, however, that my experimentation with Ghost is in service of trying to figure out a cloud-based infrastructure servce … Continue reading

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Welcoming Summer’s Ghost

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost. –Henry Rollins But until then, Henry, let’s not give up the Ghost just yet 🙂 All the punz!!! In a … Continue reading

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Ghost from the Machine

My last post explored the possibilities a platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) affords a group like the one I’ve worked at for almost nine years. That post was a bit vague about specifics, so I’m going to narrate the particulars of getting an instance of the … Continue reading

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Next Generation Sandbox

I sat through a webinar this afternoon—it’s actually yesterday now—about Amazon Web Services (AWS) for education. Tim Owens and Ryan Brazell were there as well, but it seemed like this stuff was old hat to them. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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