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Free for All GIFs

I had some downtime while traveling today, so I did my Prisoner106 homework and went on a watching spree. I got through the first five episodes, and I am totally locked in. I might finish the whole season my week’s end, … Continue reading

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GIFs have Never Been Bigger at UMW

Possibly the coolest thing about UMW’s Information and  Technology Convergence Center (ITCC) is the media wall. It’s designed to be a canvas for a variety of media creations, and it is centrally located in the atrium between the second and third floors. It … Continue reading

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UMW Groks GIFs

Following up on my last post, Michael Branson Smith‘s Animated GIF presentation and workshop will take place at UMW from 1:00 to 2:30 PM this coming Tuesday, April 14th. Michael’s GIFs are poetry in motion, his Hitchcock Animated Movie Posters series … Continue reading

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Best Weekly Summary Post Ever!

As part of the ds106 weekly process, students are expected to blog all their various assignments and then link to everything they have done and narrate their work what we call a “weekly summary post.” There is the expectation they … Continue reading

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It’s Chinatown GIFs, Jack

I spent some time making Chinatown GIFs this morning, and I think the shot of Mulwray’s dead body might be one of my better attempts in a long while. GIFs are not only fun to make, they are awesome for … Continue reading

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Wire 106: S03E03 “Dead Soldiers”

In this video discussion of episode 3 of Season 3 of the The Wire, “Dead Soldiers,”  Paul and I were joined by Meredith Fierro, Amy Wallace, and Alison Thoet. The conversation covers a lot of ground, and this episode has a bunch … Continue reading

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Omar’s Tie Fly By

Omar Little rules.  You pretty much realize that by the first season’s end, but by the second season he starts to take on legendary status because his knowledge of greek mythology, his brilliant courtroom apparel, and his ability to shutdown … Continue reading

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Pager Paranoia on the GIF Wire

This is my attempt at the “Summarize A Wire Episode In GIFs.” I chose to pull six (actually seven) animated GIFs from episode 5 of Season 1 of The Wire: “The Pager.” It’s one of my favorite episodes because the theme … Continue reading

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Creating GIFs with Text in GIMP

Here is a quick screencast showing you how to add text to GIFs in GIMP. And keep in mind, GIFs don’t necessarily need text for the summary assignment. And here’s a GIF with text 😉

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A Fantastic Voyage into Analog Effects

I watched the 1966 science fiction classic Fantastic Voyage for the first time last week, and I was blown away. In no small part by the beauty of the analog aesthetic. [Caution: nostalgia hard at work!] It was a special effects-driven extravaganza … Continue reading

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