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A Fantastic Voyage into Analog Effects

I watched the 1966 science fiction classic Fantastic Voyage for the first time last week, and I was blown away. In no small part by the beauty of the analog aesthetic. [Caution: nostalgia hard at work!] It was a special effects-driven extravaganza … Continue reading

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Analyzing Chinese Film GIFs

The students in Sue Fernsebner‘s Chinese History through Film course have been hard at work creating GIFs as part of their film analyses. There are a bunch of excellent GIFs that try and capture a particularly significant moment within the … Continue reading

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Rotisserie Chicken

Yesterday was a fairly quiet April Fool’s Day. I didn’t see much on Twitter, didn’t read any scam newspaper articles/ads, and the folks on UMW’s campus didn’t seem to be feeling it either. That’s fine with me. Good pranks are … Continue reading

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Nerd Approved

The Nerd Approved blog has featured an old gold animated GIF movie poster I created for the ds106 animated movie posters assignment back in January 2012. It’s fun to see stuff I created for ds106 get featured on other sites. I’m also glad … Continue reading

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Understanding the Praxinoscope

George Meadows’s comment on my last post reminded me that I did, indeed, have prior knowledge of this early animated GIF machine known as the praxinoscope: Jim, about a year ago I gave you a toy praxinoscope – I bet … Continue reading

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The Academic GIF

I wrote several months ago about the experience of working alongside UMW’s Chinese History scholar Sue Fernsebner to start imagining how she might integrate animated GIFs into a curriculum centered around film analysis. I tongue-and-cheek referred to it as GIFiculum, or GIF … Continue reading

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If you stare at it long enough…

…the truth becomes clear. Blame Tom Woodward, seems he’s become a bit more playful since sharing the news he’s coming back to higher ed. And nothing makes me happier to that, here’ to greatness Woodward, this GIF is a good … Continue reading

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A Thing is Born: the Multi-GIF Shot

Michael Branson Smith’s born GIF is nothing short of brilliant. I have seen multi-shot GIFs, but I have never seen a multi-gif shot. Is this a new Thing, so to speak 🙂 I love this so much, and he has … Continue reading

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GIFiculum: GIFs as Curriculum

Last semester I worked with UMW Chinese History professor Sue Fernsebner (this was PTF or, pre-Tumblr fame 🙂 ) on her Chinese History through Film course. It was an amazing course that I attended on-and-off throughout the semester. I blogged … Continue reading

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All Moocs and No Play

I couldn’t help but post this GIF, it is the single best commentary on MOOCs I have seen yet! Michael Branson Smith is a GIF master!

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