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The CUNY IT Conference: I am glad to see the conversation continues

Luke Waltzer, of cac.ophony fame, has done a nice job blogging some of the highlights from the CUNY IT conference on December 1st. One post in particular about the CUNY Online Baccalaureate Program has led to a very interesting conversation … Continue reading

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The Viral Learning Center

Sign up today! [youtube]QsHPJ0eJilU[/youtube] Disclaimer: this is not to be confused with Virtual Learning Spaces! 🙂 This link comes from the inimitable Andy Rush, who has posted a whole series of additional links to cool videos that play upon this … Continue reading

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BlackBoard: A Conversation Killer

As a great post by Bryan Alexander recently pointed out -how can you trace links to your site from others within BlackBoard so that the conversation can continue? Answer: You can’t, silly rabbit! After reading Bryan’s post, I tried a … Continue reading

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Doing things with bavaforum

In an attempt to try out the bbpress digs of bavaforum fame, I am creating a thread around the topic of creating and designing an open source Virtual Learning Space. I see this as a way to focus questions surrounding … Continue reading

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Doing things with English 101, or Virtual Learning Spaces in Action!

Steve Greenlaw, of Pedablogy fame, noted a while back that the posts on bavatuesdays have been more like reading cuneiform on a tablet (notice the equation of ancient communication with the tablet) than a resource for teaching and learning. To … Continue reading

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Doing things with bbpress

I saw the most recent announcement from WordPress this morning regarding the latest, stable version of WPMU (ver. 1.0 -a milestone) and the integration of a phpbb forum with WordPress, known as bbpress. Both of these developments are really exciting … Continue reading

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Single Sign-on for Third Party Applications with Typo3

Well, I have been meaning to do it for a while now, but looks like now I have no other choice: its time to re-visit Typo3. I have become pretty familiar with this CMS over the last 6-8 months and … Continue reading

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A WordPress Website with Static Front Page

Update: be sure to check out bloghelper’s tutorial on the same subject which offers more in-depth details and a few more alternatives. For many the WordPress application has become synonymous with blogging. And while I am certainly guilty of this … Continue reading

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IMing with my Tech Muse, or Blue Skying Course Managment Alternatives

If there is any one person directly responsible for my current state of exile in instructional technology nirvana at UMW, it may very well be Zach Davis. A few years back, circa 2003, he was talking to me about how … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Categories for WordPress using K2

One of the things we have been experimenting with here at UMW is creating custom categories for a WordPress installation that will allow us to track students and/or groups quickly and easily in the sidebar. The NIAHD Journals gave me … Continue reading

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