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I dwell in possibility

I dwell in Possibility– A fairer House than Prose– More numerous of Windows– Superior–for Doors– Of Chambers as the Cedars– Impregnable of Eye– And for an Everlasting Roof The Gambrels of the Sky– Of Visitors–the fairest– For Occupation–This– The spreading … Continue reading

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The wiki has been made a blog… story at 11!

All I am gonna say right now is that John Maxwell, presenter of “designing a smarter wiki” (see his notes in the Northern Voice wiki) has effectively married the wiki and the blog. Amazing stuff, check this out: is it … Continue reading

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The digital five ring binder and much more

All right, I have to blog about this again because I really think we are there. It all may need a little fine-tuning but not that much. I have been talking about WordPress Multi-User and the ability to feed numerous … Continue reading

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WPMU Hacks for BDP RSS, Optimal, & YouTube

In my previous post I failed to detail how I hacked WPMU in order to include BDP RSS & Optimal in a static page and embed YouTube videos in posts. Sorry for this oversight, below you will find the play-by-play … Continue reading

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One Tool to Rule them All: the BLOG!

I was listening to Darcy Norman on PSU’s ETS Talk 16 (props to Cole Camplese and company), and something he said really struck home with me. To very loosely paraphrase Darcy: ed tech folks need to concentrate on providing concrete … Continue reading

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Where should the Locus of Control be?

Darcy Norman recently had a great post on current definitions of the digital native and spaghetti sauce. I love his metaphysical marriage of such unlikely bedfellows as learners and gravy. He adopts this conceit from Malcolm Gladwell’s 2004 TedTech Talk … Continue reading

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A Few Customizing Tips for K2

The semester is coming, so here’s a little something to keep you going… Including a Custom Header Image in K2: To include a custom header in K2 you have two options. You can use the custom header tool in the … Continue reading

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Alex King’s Articles Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t already, go check out Alex King’s post about the plugins he is employing for the redevelopment of his WordPress site. He has produced some unbelievably cool functionality for WordPress, and the community owes him much. I took … Continue reading

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Optimizing with Optimal -A Plugin for WordPress

I have been playing pretty intently with WordPress these days in an attempt to develop out a UMW Division of Teaching & Learning Technologies site that features our projects, aggregates our blog posts & del.iciou.us feeds, while also acting as … Continue reading

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BDP RSS: A WordPress Aggregator that Works

This semester has raised some questions that have led me to start searching for a better rss aggregation tool for WordPress. And, as is often the case in the WordPress community, I think I have already found it! The background … Continue reading

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