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Helter Skelter or, how I came to hate the dirty hippies

This weekend I watched the 1976 TV documdrama Helter Skelter for the first time since I was a young boy. And while watching it again I came to the stunning realization that this TV movie is the reason why I’ve hated … Continue reading

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Hippie Skippy

Because I can… Image credit: Wishbook‘s “1986.01.xx Garbage Pail Kids 091b (Recto)”

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“Disco hippies gone wild in the forest”

When searching for an image for my last post, I came across this image which led me to this video. What we have here is Tommy Seebach’s rendition of “Apache,” an artefact that confirms my belief that nothing good ever came … Continue reading

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Hippie Please!

Image credit: Laughing Squid’s “SXSW 2007” Thanks to Tom for passing this one along. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt of just about anything take it out on the hippies—it’s a layup! Moreover, it’s all but guaranteed to … Continue reading

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Get a real job, hippies!

Image credit: Hippies de Valdivia (Chile) by leo.prie.to Tired of singing the same old song about teaching, learning, and technology to an apathetic audience?  Want to liberate yourself from those degrading improv gigs in the campus commons to anyone who … Continue reading

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How many hippies does it take to save a tree?

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees When I call you a hippie, this is exactly the kind behavior I am referring to 🙂 Via WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

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