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Daily Shoot: “In for the kill”

This is an image for Digital Storytelling 106, we’re doing the daily shoot assignments for the next week, and this is my choice for today, based on this assignment: Showcase the beauty of living foliage! Make a photo of a … Continue reading

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Blame Tom Woodward…

…because he is now feeding me posts regularly 🙂 Via FFFFound And in other news, I may have a real blog post in me yet.

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USPS’s newest stamp: the bava

After the recent release of The Simpsons stamps, we all knew it was just a matter of time before the bava got one. So I’m proud to introduce the first proofs for the bava stamps designed by our own Serena … Continue reading

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Hippie Please!

Image credit: Laughing Squid’s “SXSW 2007” Thanks to Tom for passing this one along. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt of just about anything take it out on the hippies—it’s a layup! Moreover, it’s all but guaranteed to … Continue reading

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A 21st century teaching conceit

Last month TorrentFreak had an article about Professor John Stinchcombe of the University of Toronto explaining how he uses the concept behind bitTorrent to explain DNA sequencing. You can see the slide below (which even includes an image the Pirate … Continue reading

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A childhood without proof

I’m the sixth kid of a family of seven. So, by the time I came along the idea of some kind of a photo archive for me was pretty much out the window. When I turned either eleven or twelve … Continue reading

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Bestiaries, Lockdown, and Twitter

I went down to the University of Richmond today to see Tom Woodward’s Blog Bestiary presentation at UR’s Learning 2008 event. Tom’s presentation was a lot of fun, and his ability to take the medieval bestiary metaphors and images and … Continue reading

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